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Do you want to get more out of your Appway? From professional and reliable development in Appway, through Appway Developer Coaching to consulting, we offer everything you need to make your solutions perform better and more effective.

Appway® Consulting:
For your success

We transform your vision into creative solutions – benefit from our team of experts with many years of experience in different industries with Appway solutions.

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Get more out of your project!

Once you have got to know the possibilities of Appway, you want to realize more with it. Appway is not a classic development platform, but a process modeling system. With the right model, you save money for development, increase your time to market and can easily extend existing solutions. We save your project.

Appway® Coaching:
Success with your team

Code reviews, best practices and process models to help your internal team deliver better solutions faster.

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More effective through applied knowledge

Benefit from an optimized solution. The coaching provides you with best practice, analyses and suggestions for immediate optimisation. Our Appway expert team with years of experience enables your team to build stable, efficient and extensible solutions.

Appway® Development:
Tailor-made solution

Tailor-made solutions that can scale to your requirements.

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Your solution, our passion

Benefit from our experienced Appway Development Team. Not only do you save money and time in implementation, but you get a better solution in less time than you could with a new development team. Often experienced Java developers are an obstacle to good quality in Appway, because unlike code editors, in Appway processes are modeled.

We work in small and highly effective team units. This ensures the highest quality and scalability for your solution.

Saso Nikolov – Team manager Appway

With Saso Nikolov we have an Appway expert on board. As a trainer of the Appway Academy he has trained hundreds of participants in all Appway training modules for 4 years. In that time, he created some training courses completely in-house, such as the expert training: „Design for Change“. In addition, he plays a leading role in projects with renowned banks and companies.

Academy7 ProfessionalDeveloperCertification - Saso Nikolov
Academy7 ProfessionalAdministratorCertification - SasoNikolov
Appway_AcademyCertificationPractitioner - Saso Nikolov - April 2015
Appway7 ProfessionalBACertification - SasoNikolov

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